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We’ll get your home “rent ready”, price it and find you a great tenant to care of your home.
  • We’ll find a quality tenant fast. This covers everything… marketing, showing the property and taking all calls, paperwork and screening tenants to make sure they’ll take good care of your property. 
  • We professionally research the market for you to make sure your rents are at market levels.  
  • If for some reason we have to evict a tenant, we will find you another for no charge… for up to 6 months.
Carefully protect your home.
Rent your home fast to a quality tenant.
We inspect your property to prevent damages before they happen and keep your home in line with the law.
  • We make sure the rent is collected on time and deposited directly into your bank account. 
  • We handle the accounting for your property and give you easy to understand statements. 
  • We create regular reports to help you understand how your property is doing financially. 
  • Your one stop online owner website is available 24/7/365, where you can check your balances, bills, invoices any time.
Manage your money and pay you on time.
We make sure you get paid on time, offer accounting and tax help and provide regular financial reports.
  • We do property inspections before move in and inspections after move out. 
  • We do periodic checks on your property to make sure that the tenant is complying with the terms of the lease and taking care of your property.  
  • We keep the lines of communication open with the tenants to keep them happy. 
  • We are on call 24 / 7 / 365 to deal with any emergencies that might happen at your property. 
We handle requests for maintenance from tenants, overseeing the process with vendors at low rates.
  • Maintenance 24/7/365 to deal with any emergencies that might arise with your home.
  • We periodically inspect your property to ensure that there is any damage that needs tending to or preventative maintenance that should be addressed. 
  • We handle any maintenance issues from beginning to end, working with our preferred vendors to get you the lowest prices.

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We do more than just collect the rent. Here’s a list of things we’ll take off your plate when you hire us