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Four Easy Steps with Platinum Acquisitions


Identifying the Client’s Investment Objectives

We believe in collaboration and teamwork. Throughout the criteria identification process, Sycamore works tirelessly to understand and meet investor objectives.


Client Signs Purchase and Sale Agreement + Submits 25% Deposit

The Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement outlines the terms of new home sale between the buyer and Platinum Acquisitions.

managementPREH Runs Daily Management of Properties

Our propitiatory platform allows the investor to benefit from full-service quality property management services to maintain the property to the highest standards post completion.

Residual Income Paid to the Investor

Rental income is paid out on the 15th of each month after deducting operating expenses.

Why invest in U.S. real estate?

Are you living outside the United States and thinking about investing in U.S. real estate? You aren’t alone!

According to the National Association of Realtors, sales of U.S. residential real estate to overseas buyers between April 2014 and March 2015 reached a record $104 billion, or about eight percent of total existing home sales. That represents 209,000 homes purchased by non-U.S. buyers. And the statistics are similar for foreign investment in commercial real estate: 2015 is on pace for beating the previous foreign commercial real estate investment record set in 2007.

Buyers who purchased U.S. residential real estate came from all over the world, including:

  • Asiana/Oceana (35 percent of international purchases)
  • Latin America, including Mexico (23 percent)
  • Europe (20 percent)
  • Canada (14 percent)
  • The Middle East (<5 percent)
  • Africa (<5 percent).

The reasons for buying properties vary. Residential sales to foreign buyers are split between resident and non-resident purchasers. Residents may be in the U.S. for business, educational, or other purposes. Non-residents are typically looking for an investment or vacation property.

As for commercial real estate investors, sales have been highly skewed to buyers from China, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and Canada.

Interested in Buying here in the US?

Knowledge is power when it comes to purchasing investment properties. This guide will explain what you need to know to find, buy and manage properties aligned with your investment objectives. We’ll start by taking a look at all the types of properties you could invest in, and the pros and cons of each.

What Are Your Needs?