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Platinum Acquisitions owners have over 40 years experience as Realtor Agents combined, and have sold over 1,000 homes total. With our expertise and knowledge of investment real estate, home restoration and the housing market we can help lead your next investment in the right direction! We have narrowed the home-buying process down to a science to make the practice as simple as possible. As we continue to expand, we have begun to get into the business of renovating homes. To date, we have over five years experience in home renovations as well as just about 200 successful renovations under our belt. With the upward turn in the economy, we seek to help home buyers in any way possible, as well as continue to expand our business by venturing into new realms. We are also venturing in the direction of helping investors. Platinum Acquisitions, LLC is attempting to break new grounds everyday, and investment properties are just another option. We look forward to helping home buyers in every situation, and look forward to meeting you!

Our Market Focus

Southeast Michigan’s housing market has begun to see a turnaround over the past year. Although the recession hit the area pretty hard compared to other cities, the market has begun to jump back. There has recently been an increase in houses for sale, as well as an increase in housing prices. Housing prices may not be completely back on target, but now is the time to buy! The time is now for home ownership before great prices disappear, as well as the possibility of losing your dream home! There are numerous opportunities, and they keep growing everyday! The possibilities are endless; so do not put off finding your dream home another day. We are here to help you get into the home of your dreams, regardless of any obstacles that may arise or stand in the way. It is our mission to make homeownership attainable for our Southeast Michigan communities!

Real Estate Investments

aboutusPlatinum Acquisitions, LLC has recently begun to tread the waters of investment home opportunities. With over five years experience in renovating homes successfully, with over 200 prosperous overhauls, we are now venturing in the direction of helping others make an investment. The knowledge we have acquired should be shared amongst others in the community to better help upkeep and revive Southeast Michigan, because investment opportunities are at an all-time high. We look forward to assisting with your investment property today, and sharing the information we have attained.

Our Goals

We are committed to obtaining the maximum amount of rent for your home that market conditions will bear, thereby maximizing your income.  We also work hard to minimize the cost of repairs and maintenance using our extensive network of contractors.

We handle everything so you can spend your time on more important things!

We are committed to designing and executing a targeted marketing plan to rent your property as quickly as possible, thereby minimizing the time that your rental is not generating income.

Meet Our Team

Leslie Wells
Project Manager

James Jones
Broker / Advisor